People involved

This page presents a brief overview of some of the people involved in MTD development

Image of David Woodhose

David Woodhouse

David, also known by his alias "dwmw2", is the maintainer of MTD. He started MTD from scratch and is involved in almost everything about MTD

Image of Thomas Gleixner

Thomas Gleixner

Thomas is working on NAND FLASH support and poking around in MTD in general. He is one main contributor to the UBI design.

Image of Nicolas Pitre

Nicolas Pitre

Nicolas works on CFI commandset and contributed XIP support

Image of Joern Engel

Joern Engel

Joern hacks on JFFS2/JFFS3 and various bits of MTD.

Image of Josh Boyer

Josh Boyer

Josh hacked NOR-ECC support.

Image of Jarkko Lavinen

Jarkko Lavinen

Jarkko is the performance janitor of JFFS2

Image of Artem Bityutskiy

Artem Bityutskiy

Artem is involved in JFFS2, implemented UBI and is working on UBIFS.

Image of Ferenc Havasi

Ferenc Havasi

Ferenc has rewritten the compression code of JFFS2 (not fully finished yet) and made mount time improvement called summary. It is included in JFFS3 and there is an unofficial patch for JFFS2, too. He works at the University of Szeged in Hungary, and there is a team behind him: Zoltan Sogor and Patrik Kluba.

Image of Kyungmin Park

Kyungmin Park

Kyungmin Park works on OneNAND support.

More to come

Unknown, forgotten ...


Vincent Sanders earns a credit for having the nice idea of a picture gallery of ARM Linux fellows, which I stole frivolously

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